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Monday, September 09, 2013


From Rome (see last post), Chris, Fiona and I flew via RyanAir to Bratislava and cabbed it to the train station where we caught an hour-long train to Vienna. Vienna was the most low-key part of the trip. One of my co-workers met me in Vienna, and the two days I spent at the hospital passed quickly and enjoyably in her and one of our contractor's company. During the day, Chris and Fiona toured the Kunsthaus Museum, ate too much sausage (Chris) and wiled away the day on the Danube.

Hanging out the train window
 A round of sausage (Chris) and brown bread (Fiona)

 St. Stephan's
Chris stumbled across an antiquity's shop and became semi-obsessed with its display of skulls. I think if he could have verified and been satisfied with one of the skull's origins, he might have made the case to purchase it.

 One of the hundred pictures Chris took of Fiona during our time in Vienna.
 Baby strawberries (?) that Fiona loved
 Along and on the Danube River
A wonderful meal in Vienna. Fiona was almost out of control. She is the most social baby I've ever met, always trying to get people's attention. I included a very short clip of how she was acting at the restaurant much of the night.


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