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Friday, October 11, 2013


My last work trip from Paris was to Lyon, France, a two hour trip via high speed train from Paris. Early that morning, Chris walked his sister Allison to catch a train to the airport, and then a few hours later we headed to Lyon. We had a minor fiasco trying to print out the tickets we had previously reserved electronically from the kiosk at the train station. Chris wound up jumping ahead in line to have a service representative help us, or we would have missed the train.

I felt like I had trouble enjoying the trip, even though the city is beautiful with the Saone River dividing it. I couldn't wind myself up enough to do more than walk around a bit, maybe because life was just too hectic with Allison having visited and knowing my parents would arrive in Paris the day after we returned to Lyon. I worked Monday and Tuesday while Chris did some sightseeing with Fiona and even took her to the zoo.

One of the most incredible fountains I've seen´╗┐
Fiona "helping" me with work


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