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Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Como Zoo

Chris and I spontaneously drove to Como Zoo in St. Paul on Monday. Fiona seemed to enjoy her first zoo experience, especially the fish exhibits. Her daycare has a beautiful fish tank in the infant room, which Fiona adores so much that her teachers say they are going to name one of the fish after her.

Memorial Day Weekend

May has been incredibly busy for me. I haven't had a free weekend the entire month, and this was my first weekend in Minnesota in a month. Chris' parents, Katie and her fiance drove from Indiana/Chicago for the long weekend, with the impetus being wedding dress shopping for Katie (wedding in June 2014). Mike and Rhonda stayed at our house, and Matt and Katie stayed with Allison and Rob, but the entire family spent most of the weekend together with dinners Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The success story of the weekend is that Katie found a beautiful dress at The Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul for a steal. The store happened to have an untouched sample gown in just the right size for her petite frame and offered to sell it to her for not much above cost. Katie will be a beautiful bride next year.
Wedding dress shopping
 Fun times with the family
 Lake Harriet

Friday, May 24, 2013

Work Trip Away

I had my first nights away from Fiona this past weekend when I flew to Orlando for a work conference. I was sad to be away from her and mostly worried about how well she would eat since she remains very obstinate with her bottles. However, I have to say the three hour flight to Florida was one of the most relaxing times I've had since Fiona was born. I settled into a book I've been wanting to read, and before I knew it, the wheels touched down. Fiona did well overall. Chris compensated for Fiona's unwillingness to take bottles by giving her more solid food and water out of a sippy cup, which she loves. She also slept through the night both nights all twelve hours while I was gone! She's never done that when I've been around.

Chris texted me a couple pictures while I was gone to ease my mind, including this one of Fiona eating breakfast:

My conference went well. It was great to spend time with co-workers/friends and eat relaxed dinners. I didn't see much of Orlando. My hotel was right by the conference center where I spent my days, and we ate at restaurants nearby at night. Here are a few pictures (poor quality off my phone) at dinner one night. Pooja and I took a pedi-cab back to the hotel.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wisconsin Wedding Weekend

A good friend of Chris' got married over the weekend in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Chris, Fiona and I drove out for the rehearsal dinner fish fry on Friday and wedding Saturday afternoon. The wedding and reception were beautiful, held at a lake club on Lake Oconomowoc. Chris and I were also charmed by the nearby, picturesque town of Delafield where we ate lunch Saturday before the wedding. Chris and I remarked that it seemed like America idealized with extremely friendly folk and cute shops and cafes. I wish I had taken more pictures at the wedding itself, but after she slept through the ceremony, Fiona was so squirmy that it took all of our energy to keep her entertained and not yanking everything off the table at the reception. On Friday night while we sat at a table with a couple with three kids, they wryly asked us if we remembered sitting at the "rowdy" table and then pointed a thumb at the table next to us. The noise got to be a bit much for Fiona at times at the reception, so I would take her to the lounge in the ladies' restroom, where she would hoot at herself in the mirror and be entertained by the three adorable flower girls who played with her all night. We were hoping she would fall asleep at the reception, and we would carefully recline her in her stroller where she would sleep peacefully. Well, we finally took off from the reception at 10:30pm when Fiona was still wide awake, although she did pass out the second we started driving.

Monday, May 06, 2013

California 2013

Knowing that Chris and I will have a busy late spring/summer, I planned a quick trip to California to see Sean, Bonny and Cora. Chris, unfortunately, couldn't get the time off work, so I did my first solo flight with Fiona. She was a wonderful traveler, even if it was slightly exhausting to keep a 9 month old entertained and her hands off the books, laptops, watches, etc. of the people sitting next to me. She's such a ham, always trying to make eye contact with people to garner smiles. This was the first trip I used a front carrier for airport walking, and it worked out well.

We had a fun, low-key visit with lots of walking along the ocean and playtime for Cora and Fiona. I really enjoyed seeing the girls together. Fiona thought Cora was hilarious when she would run around the house, and Cora was really sweet with Fiona. Cora's language skills have significantly increased since I saw her last September, and I loved hearing her little voice talk about being a big sister (Bonny is due in 7 weeks) or just whatever was on her mind (e.g., the fact that she was walking or eating or her opinions on what movie she should get to watch).

Fiona had her own seat on the second flight

Carmel beach

Hugs (a.k.a. choke hold)

Bath time!

Smiles after eating half an avacado

Beautiful beach and flowering shoreline in Pacific Grove

First time in the Pacific (oops, wet pants)

Fun times at home and pulling up on the coffee table