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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

House Updates

A couple months ago, we updated the basement to make it a more comfortable area for Fiona to play. We ripped out the old, whitish carpet that was stained from Greta's "adjustment" period to the house and from the recent water heater leak. The before picture below shows the old carpet in decent condition, but that was an old photo. After installation of the new carpet, Chris and I assembled a couch and shelves from Ikea, and the room became much more welcoming. Fiona loves to play in the basement, probably because she's not as familiar with the toys downstairs and she has so much room to play.

Basement Before

Basement After

Right after replacing the water heater, Chris and I spontaneously decided to fix up our nightmare of a laundry room. We spent two nights after Fiona went to bed clearing out the miscellaneous items that had accumulated since we moved over two years ago, laid new stick tiles and painted the mismatched walls. Chris also built a folding table later in the week. The laundry overhaul probably cost about $120 for the tile, paint, rollers and folding table materials, and I'm extremely happy with the outcome. I'd like to replace the existing paint-stained utility sink sometime soon, but there's no urgency. 

I took a few pictures of the laundry after we started the project, so this isn't the true worst of it. 

Laundry Room After


Blogger The Charlebois said...

Everything looks great! I love how you two get on a mission and start and finish a project in one swoop. Ours seem to drag on forever. :)

9:41 PM  

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