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Friday, April 18, 2014


We were starting to feel some hope for spring until the snowstorm yesterday. At least the new snow has mostly melted in the yard already. Since we returned from Europe, Chris and I have turned out attention to house projects. To save money, we decided to make minor updates to our main floor bathroom instead of gutting it. I'll post before and after pictures in a couple weeks when it's finished. We also will be clearing out the office and transforming it into a bedroom for Fiona so the new baby can move into the nursery. I haven't begun the task of looking for another crib and dresser.

In baby news, my pregnancy is going well. I am 30 weeks along, passed the gestational diabetes test and feel the baby moving often. My check-ups have been uneventful, and I look forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat. I tried to angle for another ultrasound, but there's not a medically necessary reason. The baby weighs about 3 pounds now, and I certainly feel a lot bigger.

Fiona doesn't understand that a baby will be living with us. I try to tell her that mama has a baby in her tummy, and Fiona will point at her belly and say, "Mamie" ("baby"). Fiona continues to comprehend and verbalize more. She loves pointing out her body parts and can follow simple directions. Her most frequent word is "more," which she'll say for more food, more being thrown in the air, more songs, etc. She often will sit down, pat the floor next to her and command Chris or me to "sit." Fiona is very active but still wants to be held frequently, especially as bedtime nears. We read her several books each night, and her current favorites are Little Blue Truck and a book about Dogs. We hid her pacifiers last Saturday, and the nights have been rough. Whereas she used to wake up during the night a couple times, she would generally put herself back to sleep. Now, she wakes up and cries for a long time or until I give in and get her.

Chris likes his new job at a smaller bank, and while he misses downtown, his commute to and from Bloomington is an improvement. I have two quick overnight work trips left before I ground myself: one to Edmonton, Canada and another to Chicago.

At the park on a warmish day

In the golden pacifier days

Getting big!


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