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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Katie's Wedding

On June 4, we packed Fiona and Greta into our Volvo and set off at 6 pm for Indiana to celebrate Katie and Matt's wedding on June 7. The car was uncomfortable for me at 37 weeks pregnant and long for Chris who drove the entire way. Fiona eventually fell asleep about 9 pm, and we arrived in Indiana at about 3 am.

I had to order a very large-sized bridesmaid's dress and have it taken in at the bust. I was apprehensive about Fiona's involvement in the wedding (flower girl) because she threw tantrums at every dress fitting. Once in Indiana, she completely fell apart at the church rehearsal and refused to walk down the aisle with her cousins.

However, all ended well. Katie looked stunning, the ceremony went along without a hitch and Fiona paraded down the aisle with her cousins. Katie and Rhonda put a lot of time into special, hand-made accents such as bottled herb olive oil for favors, decorated chalkboards at the reception and hand-made purses for the bridesmaids and flower girls. My parents and Sean and Bonny and their kids also attended the wedding, which was very helpful in terms of corralling Fiona.

It was also nice to spend some time in Indiana with Chris' family and help with last minute wedding preparations. Best of all, I didn't go into labor. I didn't take enough pictures and none on our SLR due to being preoccupied with being in the wedding party. I will try to load up some professional pictures with Chris' family when they are available. Otherwise, I did get a few picture on my phone, although most of these are on Facebook.


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