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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fiona Turns Two

We celebrated Fiona's birthday today with immediate family. Before the party, we whipped up pancakes for breakfast and let Fiona "open" presents from Chris and me (I didn't actually wrap anything). We got her a KidKraft kitchen with accessories, magnetic building tiles and a couple books. Chris spent a late night Thursday putting the kitchen together. We've been telling Fiona about her party all week, and she's been reciting all of her family members who would be attending (including Papa Mike and Grandma Rhonda, who couldn't make it from Indiana).

It was a little bit of a rough morning for me because Eloise was very fussy and wanted to be held non-stop. Chris ended up doing most of the cleaning and food preparation (love that guy). Once all of the cousins arrived (Varsana, Malia, Lilly, Evan, Isaac, Cora and Jack), we moved to the backyard for food and cake. Varsana's birthday was July 16 and Sean's was July 18 so we celebrated those birthdays, as well. The kids had the most fun playing with punch balloons, and a few had to be rescued from the neighbor's yard.

Fiona had lots of help unwrapping presents. She's definitely excited for the toys, but she still doesn't totally understand unwrapping presents. It was a good thing there were several hands to rip the paper.

I feel a little nostalgic that Fiona is already two. Chris calls her "intense," and she is definitely a headstrong, determined girl. But she is also exuberant, passionate and loving. We are grateful for two years with this girl. There is nothing like the feel of her little arms around my neck or hearing her voice calling out, "Mama."

A little cleaning help from Uncle Jamie

A little down time before opening presents


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