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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Fiona - 2 Years

Wow. Fiona is two. Where do I start... Over the last six months, Fiona's speech and comprehension have exploded. She's putting together several words at a time, and we can essentially hold conversations with her. Her default answer remains "yeah" when we ask her questions, but she understands when we ask her to grab something or put something away.

I was a little shocked at her two year doctor's visit that she's only in the 20s for height on the growth chart. She's always been in the 50-75th percentiles when the nurses have stretched her out on the examining table. Now that she's been measured against the wall, she's really dropped. I guess it isn't that surprising since my mom and Chris' sisters are all 5'2''; however, I'm average height (5'5") and Chris is above average (6'1"). Out of curiosity, I put her numbers into a height predictor, and it's estimating she will be 5'3". Who knows, though. Fiona got two shots and a finger prick to test for lead levels since we live in an old house. She screamed but was happy to get bandaids afterwards, which she is already obsessed with putting on herself.

Here are a few things that characterize Fiona right now:
  • When she wants to be picked up she says either "up, up" or "hold ya" (actually she runs it together like "holdja" because Chris would ask her, "Want me to holdja?")
  • Sometimes she still calls me "mom-mom" because Chris used to call me that. 
  • Her favorite piece of clothing is a shirt from target with the Eiffel Tower on it. Actually, I had purchased one for her, and Rhonda also did, so she has two of them. All the better because she always wants to wear her "Paris shirt" as she calls it. 
  • Chris is a little tougher on her than I am. When she says "no" to something, she will say in default mode, "Noooo, Dada!" and then realize that she's talking to me and switch it to "Noooo, Mama!"
  • She loves the Pharrell Williams song, "Happy" and does a little dance when it comes on the radio. Sometimes, she requests the song. 
  • Fiona is the boss of Greta. She pushes her out of the way and harasses her on a daily basis. 
  • She loves to see and talk about her extended family. She asks to see pictures of her cousins on my cell-phone. "Picture-a-Cora, Lilly, Ice (Isaac)." She refers to all three of her Taffe cousins as "Lilly and Ice," maybe because it's hard to say Evan's name. 
  • She calls both blankets and babies "mamies." She started calling Eloise "Mamie Eloise" when I was still pregnant. Now that Fiona can actually say baby, she will call Eloise "Baby Mamie Eloise."If she wants a different blanket, she will say, "Udder mamie" (other blanket). 
  • When we tell her that something is fixed, she gets obsessed with it. For example, I had to have our car jumped the other morning so told Fiona that a man was coming to fix the car. She watched the car being jumped and now frequently talks about the fact that "the man fixed the car."
  • If Chris or I are on the computer in the mornings, she will ask to be picked up and request to look at videos of puppies. 
  • Chris and I both came down with a stomach virus recently (at separate times, thank goodness), but Fiona would approach Chris and say, "Dada tummy hurts. Sorry Dada" and then give him a hug. 
  • She is still obsessed with putting little rocks in her mouth. If we are walking down the street, she will inevitably grab a rock and pop it in her mouth. Daycare has told us that when the class is playing outside, someone will randomly tell her to spit out the rocks, and out will come six or seven little stones. 
  • Fiona has unfortunately entered a hitting stage. It got much worse after Eloise was born, probably due to the change. I frequently have to put her in time out in her crib for hitting me, although she will always say, "Sorry, Mama" afterwards. She hits me much more often than she hits Chris. The other morning, I got an open-handed slap across the face. 
  • She loves, loves books and can spend a decent amount of time on her own flipping through her library. She drags them all of the house. We read several books to her at night, although that is never enough. Her favorite toys are still her nesting dolls. 
  • Fiona can count to ten easily and knows a few of the numbers through twenty. She understands numbers to some extent, in that she knows the difference between one item and two. She also knows the ABC song but can't really say all the letters yet. 
  • She drives me crazy sometimes with her dawdling. When we are walking out the door, she stops in a leisurely manner to run her finger on the wall or pulls away to sit on the stoop. 
  • She is still waking up at night and crying/screaming for us. She is stubborn and will cry for over a half hour, which makes crying it out difficult. Eloise is still sleeping in our bedroom, so Chris often sleeps in the guest room next to Fiona's to get a good night's sleep. It's been easy enough for Chris to grab Fiona and let her sleep with him, but we will need to nip the habit in the bud soon.  
  • Her favorite foods are cottage cheese, shredded cheese, kidney beans and mac and cheese. She eats cereal or oatmeal for breakfast and isn't great about eating fruits and vegetables, although she will put down banana, strawberries and peas. She loves popcorn for a snack, although I try to be careful about it since it can be a choking hazard. 
  • She loves water, be it the pool at the YMCA, the beach at Lake Harriet or a nearby splash pad. Water activities are exclusively Chris' purview (including baths which Chris does about 90% of the time). 
Okay, this list is getting extreme. I could go on and on about Fiona. She's our huge joy and is turning into a determined, goofy girl. Here's a current video of her.


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