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Friday, October 17, 2014

Eloise - 4 Months

Eloise is 4 months tomorrow. She had her check-up today and weighed 15 lbs, 5 oz (75th percentile) and measured 24 inches (31st percentile). Just in the past week or so, she has begun grabbing for toys more aggressively and can hold onto them for a few seconds at least. She coos, giggles and does plenty of "ahhhhhhs!!!!" She loves when you rub your nose against hers and really loves to be held, either facing outward or looking right into your face. She can sit in her exersaucer for short periods of time now, although she is still a little wobbly. I just transitioned her from sleeping in the rock n' play to her crib, and so far she is doing great. Eloise goes to sleep about 7:30pm each night, wakes up 1-2 times/night to eat (usually about 3:00am and then 6:00 am) and finally gets up for the day about 7-7:30. Not too bad. Fiona loves to get in Eloise's face but is generally loving towards her, heaping toys on top of her, patting her when she cries and telling her, "It's okay, Eloise. I love you, Eloise!" After a rough start at daycare, Eloise is taking her bottles easily which makes the days much less stressful on me.

Eloise is a very sweet, easygoing baby, quick to smile and very cuddly. All of us (Chris, Fiona and I) are enamored of her.

A little powder for Eloise (aka "Mamie El-wese" per Fiona)


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