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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trip to MA

It's been a crazy week. Chris flew out last Friday to attend his cousin's wedding in Indiana and arrived back home Monday morning at 12:30 am. A few hours later at 7:00 am on Monday, I flew to Boston with Eloise for work. Then my plane to MSP touched down Wednesday afternoon about a half hour after Chris' took off from MSP for Atlanta where he will remain until Friday. I have to say that packing and preparing for my trip on Sunday with both girls home with me was much more stressful than the actual trip with Eloise. I'm excited for all four of us to be home this weekend.

The original plan for this trip to MA was to have Chris or my mother fly out with me and watch Eloise, but my work recently opened an on-site daycare which is not yet full. So I was able to fly out with Eloise by myself and drop her in the infant room while I worked. Eloise is such a happy baby and an ideal traveler. On the flight out, I had an empty seat next to me so I hauled the carseat onboard (I still held her most of the flight). On the way home, the flight was full, but Eloise still behaved beautifully: lots of smiles and coos. She also did well at the daycare. After I picked her up at the end of the day, I stayed at work with my boss and some of my co-workers catching up and discussing work issues until 7:00pm or later. Everyone took turns holding Eloise.

Baby's first flight

Happy girl at the hotel

Love from Barb

...and Joy

 ...and Lisa

...and Andrea

Eloise passed out on my bed at night before I transferred her into the pack n' play.

Then I pulled her into bed with me in the morning and loved seeing her little face next to mine.

I took a trip to MA last spring when I was pregnant with Eloise. My co-worker (and friend) Lina was about three months further along than me with her daughter Elissa. Below is a picture from the spring and then one of our two girls with a daycare provider. 

 On our way home...


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