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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Twin Cities 10 Mile Race (& Weekend)

Chris ran the Twin Cities 10 mile race last Sunday. He ran on a team composed of several members of our church small group, although all of the team members ran his/her own pace. Due to the early start of the race (7:00 am), I decided not to pull the girls out of bed in the cold and cheer him on. (Fiona and I cheered him on last year when he ran the marathon.) This year, Chris drove to the start line and then got a ride back after he finished. By the time I got out of bed and downstairs with the girls and got a cup of coffee, Chris was already running, and I was able to track him online via his chip. Chris said as he cross the finish line, the sun disappeared so it was a chilly post-race. He still finished with a great time.

Eloise and I track Chris' progress in our pajamas


The day before the race on Saturday, we took the girls to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, where Fiona dumped her contraband goldfish crackers all over the floor. We got a little scolding from the attendants. 

Chokehold, er, I mean hugs


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