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Monday, November 24, 2014

Eloise - First Food

Eloise hit 5 months on November 18, and we introduced her first solids. In many ways, our girls have seemed similar in hitting milestones (similar sleep patterns, slow to roll over, chatty, etc.), but Eloise had an easier time swallowing her first spoonfuls and wanted to eat as much as we would give her. She tried sweet potatoes for her first food and since tried butternut squash and green beans. I'm giving her a couple ounces of vegetables per night for now.

In the last month, Eloise has become much more vocal, almost to the point of yelling. She grabs aggressively at toys and has started rolling over onto her side. She's wearing 6 months clothes. Eloise is going through a bit of sleep regression the last couple weeks and has been waking up 2-3 times/night. I'm hopeful she will move through this stage quickly.

November 28 edit for two more pictures. Eloise rolled over for the first time on November 26. Chris and I were in Fiona's room for 30 seconds together while Eloise was on her back on her playmate in the living room. When we came out, she was on her stomach. She rolled over again for a second time later that night. Next picture is of Eloise trying carrots.


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