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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween Festivities

I found myself exclaiming to Chris a couple times this week, "Wow, we have a child old enough to go trick-or-treating! Crazy!" We had a great time celebrating the holiday as a family this week. To start the festivities, I took the day off work on Tuesday to attend a Halloween party that Bonny threw. Most of the women going to the party were mutual friends from church so it was nice to relax with a group of moms and kids, although I guess relax isn't the right word when you describe hanging out with a bunch of toddlers.  

On Wednesday, we (Chris and Fiona) carved a pumpkin after work/school. Fiona drew her hands back squeamishly from the seeds at first but then got excited about seeing the eyes, nose and mouth emerge.

On Halloween day, the kids both wore their costumes to school, although Fiona was less than excited about wearing her lion outfit.

Then that evening, Chris took Fiona around the block while I stayed back with Eloise to hand out candy. We had been talking about what to say at the door, and Chris said Fiona was a little shy, but she did manage to say "trick or treat" at most of the houses.

The spoils of the night below: Fiona's first Snickers bar. 


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