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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eloise - 6 Months

Eloise had her 6 month check-up on the 23rd. She weighed 17 lbs, 14.5 oz (80th percentile) and measured 25.8 inches (43rd percentile). Eloise seems to have progressed rapidly the past few weeks. She rolls and rolls and rolls around the house. I can't keep her on the carpet or blankets I put down on the floor anymore. She has also started to sit up, although her balance is precarious. She seems much more interested in her surroundings and will laugh and laugh if Fiona jumps up and down for her. She is also very amused by touching Greta's fur. If we are not holding her, Eloise will hang out in her exersaucer, jenny-jump-up or on the floor, trying to grab Fiona's toys (much to Fiona's chagrin). She falls asleep between 7-7:30pm, depending on the timing of her last nap and is starting to sleep better at night again after about a month of waking three times per night. We finally purchased a humidifier for her room since she has a perpetual stuffy nose. We've introduced several fruits and vegetables to her, and her favorite foods are oatmeal and sweet potato. After a prolonged battle at daycare with her bottles, I purchased some new ones for her upon recommendation (Born Free), and she drank all of her bottles yesterday (that hasn't happened in at least a month)!

I think it's time to start buckling her into the rock n' play or maybe pack it away altogether.


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