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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fiona & Wa-Wa

Fiona loves Greta, maybe even a little more than Greta wants. Even though she can say "Greta" perfectly well, Fiona still calls her "wa-wa." Here are a few pictures of the ongoing harassment.

Hugs at the door: "Mmmm, wawa"

Aggressive pats: "Nice, wawa, nice"

Feeding time for wawa

I have to tell Fiona all the time things such as, "Fiona's crackers. Not Greta's crackers." A little over-sharing is taking place below. 

Greta gets very scared during thunderstorms so I let her sleep in our room on those nights. Fiona draped her blanket over Greta and told her "night, night, wawa."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fiona's New Room

We moved Fiona out of the nursery and into her new bedroom a couple weeks ago. She seems to enjoy the extra space and having her books on the main floor of the house. Her new room was our office, which mostly functioned as a space to use the elliptical machine and pile up papers on the desk. We cleared out the room and took down one of the bookshelves before turning it into a toddler room. After looking at brick and mortar stores, online and on craigslist, we outfitted her room with Ikea furniture. The crib, dresser, bookcase and chair are all from Ikea, while the curtains, rug and wall shelf are holdovers from the office. Her room is a bit mature for a not-quite-two-year old, but Fiona doesn't care. I really love her room, and bonus is that Fiona is sleeping better here than she did in the nursery.

We debated moving Fiona right into a toddler bed vs. the crib, but she's not ready yet. At night, when I put her to bed (Chris and I take turns), if she's not tired after we finish reading books and I've put her in the crib, she will point at the chair and say, "Mama, sit. Mama, sit" so I don't leave the room.

When the room was our office, we had two bookshelves on the wall. Fiona watched Chris take down the other shelf and patch and paint the wall. Now when I change her diaper on the changing pad, she frequently hits the wall and says, "Wall. Dada fix."

I tacked some art projects from school on the board above her bookcase, along with pictures of her cousins. Fiona likes to point at the pictures and say their names.

These are three of Fiona's favorite toys. She loves playing with the nesting dolls especially. 

Below is the picture on the wall. We edited and enlarged a photo from our recent trip to Croatia of Fiona running down the street to Chris.

As for the nursery... I washed and folded/hung all of the newborn through 6 months clothing, set up the diaper changing table and pulled out all of the baby toys. Of course, Fiona immediately emptied out all of the clean clothes from the drawers and rampaged through the baby toys. I haven't done much to decorate the room for the new baby. I guess that's the next project.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bathroom Updates

As I mentioned in my last post, Chris and I decided to moderate our approach to the main floor bathroom and replace fixtures and sink instead of gutting the space. We replaced the pedestal sink,  medicine cabinet, shower curtain bar, towel rack bars, light fixture and bathtub faucet/showerhead. Chris took down an old cabinet and filled in the crazy laundry shoot at the end of the tub, and we hired a company to re-enamel the bathtub. Lastly, we put up new decorations. Chris and I are both happy with the updates and glad we didn't spend the extra money on a complete overhaul. To use a technical term, there was an "ick" factor to some of the old bathroom: among other things, the shower curtain bar was rusty, the sink had a big crack in the base and the medicine cabinet was brown and worn around the edges and didn't even close completely. Maybe to others, the updates seems minor because we kept the blue tile, but it's made a huge difference for us.

I took the before and after pictures in different lighting so it may be hard to get a true comparison.

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After: End of Tub
(In the first picture, there was a very strange laundry chute on the right)

Before & After Bathtub

Before & After Fixture

Lastly, because I think it's hilarious in retrospect, here's a picture of a bar of soap that Fiona bit during a bath about a month ago. You can see her teeth marks. She promptly puked into the bath water, which was a lot of fun for both of us. She's hasn't tried to bite a bar of soap since.