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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Christmas in Minnesota

We had a busy few days of Christmas in Minnesota. On Christmas Eve, we took the girls to a service at our church and then settled into a quiet night at home. We let the girls open their gifts from Great-Grandma Bobbi on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, Fiona tore through her gifts relatively quickly, as toddlers are apt to do, and we ate a special breakfast of croissants, proscuitto and cantaloupe. We purchased a few gifts for Eloise that she will grow into (bead maze, doll and a couple other toys). Fiona's big gifts were a basketball hoop, books, puzzles and a couple smaller toys. She especially likes her Melissa and Doug school bus with wooden people. After nap we spent late afternoon/early evening at Sean and Bonny's where the kids exchanged gifts. December 26th, we drove to my parents' house for Christmas with my dad's side of the family. On the 27th, we spent the evening with friends, and on the 28th, we celebrated with Allison and Rob.

After wavering back and forth, Chris and I made the decision to forgo the story of Santa Claus, not due to moral opposition, but rather because we want to focus our time with the girls celebrating the birth of Christ.

I didn't get many pictures this year. Our SLR malfunctions indoors, and I'm always over the limit for storage on my phone since Chris and I somehow have our iPhone accounts linked under the same storage limit. Anyway, here are the few pictures I took.

Presents from Bobbi on Christmas Eve

Sweet girls

Christmas morning chaos

 Wearing matching sweaters made by a co-worker's mother

Christmas with the Taffe cousins


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