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Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Waterpark

Chris and I ducked out of work a little early Friday and drove to the Maple Grove Holiday Inn/Venetian Waterpark where we stayed the night. Two other couples with kids who are friends of ours also booked rooms, and we spent several hours playing in the water/keeping the kids from drowning. Our niece, Lilly, also joined us, and while Fiona was envious that Lilly was old enough to conquer the big waterside, they played on the smaller slides and in the toddler pool most of the time. Eloise sat in the shallow water and happily splashed. We tried to have all of the little kids sleep in one room at the beginning of the night so the rest of us could hang out, but that didn't go so well.

We had a hard time keeping the girls out of the hot tub (kids can only sit with their feet in the water). Fiona and Lilly would inevitably sneak into the hot tub and then get kicked out by the lifeguards.

When we got home Saturday night, we opened up the porch for the first time this year and hung out for a couple hours after the kids fell asleep.


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