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Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter 2015

As Fiona gets older and is increasingly able to understand and interact, holidays become more and more fun. This year, we colored Easter eggs for the first time, packed baskets for the girls and were able to talk to Fiona about the true meaning of Easter. Fiona had fun dying hard-boiled eggs, and both girls played with the plastic eggs. 

My big girl

We took the girls to the annual Easter egg hunt/picnic at church. The church organizes the egg hunt and then has a brief message for the kids afterwards. Bonny was also able to attend with Cora and Jack.

Easter morning, Fiona woke up excited to examine her Easter basket. She has a definite sweet tooth and would eat candy all day if we let her. For that reason, we gave her very little candy in her basket and instead packed it with little toys, Band-Aids, coins, etc. Eloise's basket contained new pants and age-appropriate snacks for her. Eloise didn't care about anything in her basket of and desperately wanted Fiona's basket.

After church and naps, we drove to Jamie's new house in Minnetonka for dinner. Malia hid candy eggs in the back yard, and the kids raced around to find them.


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