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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Eloise - 11 Months

Eloise has transformed from a little baby to a sturdy girl over the past couple months. Here is her current status:
  • Walking/Movement: Eloise took her first couple steps at nine months but only in the last couple weeks has she really started walking from A to B. Now, she can walk across an entire room and throw herself into your arms with a big grin on her face. In fact, she is almost running at this point and gets into everything. She loves to unravel the toilet paper roll and will beeline for Greta's water bowl. She and Fiona will tussle over toys already. Eloise can just reach a few of the piano and loves to bang as hard as she can. Eloise will also climb anything she can so we have to be careful about how we stack bins of toys. She can actually crawl up the stairs already but would probably slip a couple times if we are not behind her. Eloise loves to be tossed around, whether up in the air or spun around and around.
  • Food: She is also eating more solid food lately. Her favorite foods are cheese (sliced cheese or cottage cheese), avocado, yogurt and eggs. Eloise has four teeth: two top and two bottom.
  • Sleep: Eloise does not sleep great at night. She sleeps in her crib but wakes up 1-2 times/night. I blame this on how much we have traveled with her and broken her from a sleep routine (she's been on eight flights in her eleven months). We don't have any additional trips planned so I'm hoping we can settle her into a routine and get her sleeping through the night.
  • Speech: Eloise says four words. She says, Mama, Dada, Bye-bye and Greta. 
  • Toys: Eloise really loves cause and effect toys. She loves to push balls into the silo of a toy barn and watch them spiral downward or push buttons on other toys to light them up. She and Fiona like to wear my necklaces and Eloise can put the bigger ones over her head and take them off. 

My early walker


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