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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Eloise is One

We celebrated Eloise's birthday in a three day stretch. Chris had a charity golf event on the evening of Eloise's actual birthday so the night before on the 17th, we sang her happy birthday and let her (Fiona) open a couple presents. On her actual birthday, the 18th, I took the day off work and kept her home from daycare. Chris and I drove to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and took a few pictures of her in front of the cherry and spoon sculpture. We tried to think of the most iconic Minneapolis photo-op (because we took pictures of Fiona at the Eiffel Tower on her first birthday) and figured the cherry sculpture was probably it. Chris headed out for his charity event from the garden, and Eloise and I played together the rest of the day. Something a little ironic is that I went into labor with Eloise in the evening and was essentially up all night until she was born the next morning. And Eloise has never, I kid you not, slept through the night once since she was born. However, she actually slept through the night for the first time the night of the 17th, one year to the date since I went into labor with her. I shouldn't think about it too much because she hasn't done it again.

Presents on the 17th

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Playing in our front yard

Bonny and I coordinated a joint birthday party for Jack and Eloise since their birthdays are so close (Eloise on the 18th and Jack on the 20th). We did a theme of ice cream sundaes for the party, and I picked out ice cream themed favors for the kids' bags, got a few decorations (nothing pinteresty), and we served an ice cream sundae bar instead of doing cake. I worried about the rain forecast, but the sky cleared and brightened into a beautiful, sunny day. We spent most of the party outside where the kids splashed in the new water table (birthday gift for Eloise), rowed in the canoe Chris set out and whacked each other with inflatable ice cream cones. All in all a successful party. I didn't take any pictures of Eloise in her cute dress before I stripped her down for the water table.

Saggy bottom birthday kids (from the water table)

I ordered a custom 1st birthday cupcake from Whole Foods for Eloise. It turned out so cute (and tasted great!) Eloise smashed the cupcake, threw half of it on the ground and eventually starting eating the rest.

Jack's birthday cupcake

 General pictures from the party: talking, ice cream bar, kids' shenanigans, etc. 


Pictures with our slippery girl (sunscreen, frosting, water... she practically slithered out of my hands)

In terms of development milestones, not many significant changes since last month for Eloise: two more teeth coming in, she's essentially running, comprehends more (e.g., if I tell her to take another sip of milk, she will), starting the transition to cow's milk and has moved to the young toddler room at school where's she taking a single nap and not getting bottles anymore.

June 30 edit: At Eloise's 1 year check-up today, she weighed 22 lbs (79%) and measured 30.5 inches (87%) tall.


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