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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fiona - 3 Years

Our Fiona has been with us for three years. She is still an affectionate, sweet girl with a lot of spunk. She loves to eat cheese and crackers, but her favorite snack in the whole word is graham crackers and peanut butter. She says, "This snack makes me happy." She loves being thrown up in the air or twirled. Fiona loves to help around the house and will water plans, unload the dishwasher or sweep and dust as much as I will let her. She is starting to skip her naps on the weekends and will just roll around in her bed during quiet time instead. She generally sleeps through the night in her own bed without any problems.

Here are a few anecdotes: 
  • Fiona thinks any delivered items are "emails." For example, she picked up the local newspaper from our front steps the other day and said, "Here you go, Mama. Here are your emails." 
  • She considers anything in the past to be "yesterday." As in "Mom, you remember yesterday when I went to Lilly's house and..."
  • She likes to eat both salmon and ham. When she wants either, she asks for "halmon."
  • She calls the lawn-mower, "mower-lawn." 
  • She loves to be read stories and to hear stories. Chris and I often tell her stories about places we've traveled, and sometimes we ask her to tell us a story. She generally replies, "I don't under-know any stories" (combining "understand" and "know"). Her favorite stories are the following (these are Fiona's titles): "Women is sick," which is about how she and Chris and Eloise saw an ambulance help a woman at a tie shop in Rome, and "Kids Steal Mama's Wallet," which is about how I had my wallet stolen in Paris but then recovered it. 
  • When we were staying in a hotel room in the spring, Fiona randomly picked up the telephone, and we heard her say, "Mr. Chocolate Man? You bring me some chocolate. You bring chocolate for me, my mama and daddy. Eloise is too little." Chris and I laughed really hard. Now she'll call Mr. Chocolate Man from my cell phone sometimes. 
  • Sometimes we split her bedtime routine. I might help her brush teeth and then read her a story. Then Chris will read her a couple more stories and put her to bed. After I finish reading a story, she will run to Chris and say, "Time to read to your honey girl.
We celebrated Fiona's birthday with a fiesta on the 18th. I picked up a few clearance Cince de Mayo decorating items, and we had tri-tip burrito bowls for a meal. The party was busy with food, piñata, presents and cake, but Fiona had a blast.

Getting her nails done for her party

Dressed up

Pictures with these two are hard

Eloise wanted a turn at the piñata

Princess dress from my parents

Our big present to her was her first bicycle.

On Fiona's actual birthday, the 21st, I took the day off work, and Chris and I took her to the Mall of America for her first amusement park rides. Her first ride was the log chute, which she LOVED. I thought she would be scared going down the chutes, but she laughed. I took her on the Ferris Wheel afterwards, but I think it was a little anticlimactic.

Ferris Wheel

After Chris went back to work, I took Fiona to a local rock/crystal shop because she loves to collect rocks and also look at my childhood collection of polished stones. We picked out a few new ones together, and she enjoyed lining them up to look at them.

July 27 edit: At her doctor's visit today, Fiona was 37 inches (50th percentile) and 31 lbs (55th percentile). Her doctor told her that she didn't know what she would ask Fiona at her 4 year check-up because Fiona can answer all of the 4 year questions already. :)


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