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Monday, July 06, 2015

June/July with Family

June and July (so far) have been busy with family. Sean and Bonny and kids spent their last couple days in Minnesota with us after the moving company emptied out their house. Fiona and Cora had a "sleepover" on an air mattress in Fiona's room after watching a show and eating popcorn each night. Fiona chatted Cora's ear off long past bedtime. We had a hard time keeping the kids from jumping on the air mattress, especially Eloise. We were sad to say goodbye but were happy to have a couple final days of concentrated time together.

Playing doctor was a popular game

Over the 4th of July weekend, Matt and Katie flew in from Chicago. Friday, we drove to Lake Minnetonka and hopped on Rob and Allison's boat for a couple hours. Afterwards, we met at Tilia for dinner without the kids.

We pulled up to shore for a bit so the kids could play in the sand. 

The siblings

The girls passed out, no joke, 30 seconds after buckling into their carseats.

Saturday, we spend the evening at Rob and Allison's for dinner. I put Eloise to bed in a pack 'n play so we could stay late enough to watch fireworks at a neighbor's house.

First s'more


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like this, but I do wish we were in more of these shots. Miss you guys! Dad

12:54 PM  

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