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Monday, August 10, 2015

Portland, OR

Since we were essentially grounded last year for our tenth anniversary with a small baby, Chris and I delayed a get-away until this year. We debated where to go but decided on Portland, OR, since neither of us had been to Oregon. Rhonda was so kind and generous to fly up to stay with the kids while we were gone. We flew out Thursday evening and spent three nights in the Pearl District of downtown Portland. It was unusually hot during our visit, with temperatures about 100 degrees each day. Friday, we walked to the waterfront (with large coffees in hand) and rented bicycles for a couple hours. We must have biked about 20 miles along the river and through different neighborhoods. We walked around the city a bit more in the afternoon. Then I went back to the hotel to put my feet up while Chris decided to get a haircut (his hair was the longest he's ever grown it). I really loved his curls, but his new haircut looks great. Later on Friday, we grabbed some food at the Portland City Grill while sharing a table with another couple and were able to enjoy an awesome panoramic view of the city.

Biking along the river

Getting a drink at Whiskey Library. Neither of us generally drink any hard alcohol, but it was a cool atmosphere.

View at Portland City Grill

Saturday, we rented a car and drove a couple hours to the coast. The drive was scenic through heavily wooded, somewhat rural, areas. We pushed through to Cannon Beach and were rewarded with a beautiful, misty coastline. The air was so hot in downtown Portland that I didn't even think to bring a sweater, but the coast was chilly in comparison. We walked up and down the beach and through the mist before enjoying a couple great bowls of clam chowder at a beachside restaurant. We then drove back to the other side of Portland to see Multnomah Falls. It would have been fun to spend the day hiking in the Gorges area, which is supposedly very beautiful, but we just didn't have enough time. After dropping off the rental car, we browsed some shops and stopped at a random bar/restaurant to get out of the heat. After the bartender sung the praises of their oysters, Chris ordered a dozen and found out afterward the monster-sized oysters weren't fresh. He only ate a couple. Saturday night, we took an Uber to the Mississippi Avenue neighborhood and got a couple drinks and an awesome Japanese meal. We turned in relatively early Portland time each night due to the time change.

 Cannon Beach

 Multnomah Falls


Overall, it was a fun trip away. We were able to sleep in (kind of), eat meals and have real conversations. We missed the girls, but not extraordinarily so because we knew they were having a great time with Rhonda (and Allison and her kids who visited them).

Rhonda with Fiona, Eloise and Lilly


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