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Monday, October 26, 2015

Eloise - 16 Months

Eloise at 16 months is an adventurer. She loves exploring outdoors and testing her limits on the playground. Watching her climb a play structure by herself and put herself down a large slide unnerves me, but she is so pleased and happy with herself when she accomplishes what she set out to do. Chris plays a game with the girls he calls "careful, careful" in which he holds the girls to his chest by holding on to their legs. Then he says, "careful, careful" and tips them backwards, flipping them over. When Fiona was 16 months, she hung on for dear life trying not to fall backwards. Eloise doesn't even try to hold on and tips herself backwards. Eloise's fine motor skills continue to develop, and she is able to use a fork and spoon to some extent. Her favorite foods are chicken, strawberries, cheese and eggs. She sleeps well through the night, although she might have one or so episodes during the night in which she will cry for a minute or two. She likes watching shows already, a departure from Fiona at the same age, and LOVES to sit on your lap if you are on the computer. Eloise can say probably 30 words, including shoe, Fiona ("na-na"), eye and book (just off the top of my head). Fiona and Eloise play together more and more, although it usually ends up in both of them saying to each other, "Mine!" Eloise's favorite toys are a train she can sit on, puzzles, stacking toys and anything Fiona is holding. She loves books, and her current favorite are Llama, Llama books and Pete the Cat. She has gotten much closer to Chris lately but is still very cuddly with me. Fiona likes to call her fondly, "my stinky, ole, baby Eloisies."

Watching youtube videos

Swiping Chris' spot in front of the computer and eating his oatmeal


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