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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Early Fall

Fall has been busy so far with work trips for both Chris and me, Halloween and a week-long visit from Sean and Bonny and kids. Even though it's raining outside now, we've enjoyed a wonderful, warm fall that will certainly lessen the agony of the impending winter. Fiona is more cognizant of the seasons this year, talking to us about why the leaves fall off the trees and remembering that the cooling weather indicates winter is coming. Although we confront our share of squabbles, the girls show glimmers of ability to play together nicely. Last night, the girls put together and pulled apart a color-themed fish puzzle for about 15 minutes!

The days leading to Halloween and week after were packed. Fiona had a school Halloween party and then her cousin Lilly slept over that night. She went trick-or-treating with a friend Saturday and then Sean and Bonny and kids arrived Sunday to stay with us for almost a week.

For Halloween, Fiona dressed up as a flamenco dancer, and Eloise wore a Native American costume. Maybe Eloise's costume is no longer appropriate? I don't know... On Friday morning before Halloween, I volunteered in Fiona's class for her party. The music teacher had a special music class, and then the kids rotated through all sorts of arts and crafts stations in their classroom.

Fiona's lead teacher, Miss Erin

Sleep-over with Lilly

As mentioned earlier, friends Mark and Shannon and daughter Violet (along with a couple other mutual friends) came over on Halloween. Fiona had a blast running house to house requesting candy. Eloise only made it about a block, but Fiona and Violet continued onward.

About to head out

Happy aftermath and sharing a sucker

Fiona and Violet squished into Fiona's bed to watch a show

Late Sunday afternoon, Sean and Bonny and kids arrived from California. I finally got to meet baby Finn! He's adorable. The visit was relatively low-key. Chris actually had a work trip for part of the week, but we spent time with my parents, and Bonny's dad drove down for a visit, too.

Fiona, Jack and Cora all slept in Fiona's room, Fiona in her bed and Cora and Jack on an air mattress on the floor. The set-up had its difficulties, but the kids all slept okay. We had fun catching up with Sean and Bonny. Fiona and Cora got into a few times but mostly enjoyed dressing up and wearing their nightgowns as much as possible. 

Poor Eloise wanted to keep playing

Chris is in San Francisco right now. He tacked on an extra day at the beginning of his work trip, and Sean drove up from Monterey to meet Chris and Jamie who also happened to be in San Francisco, as well. So fun times for them. It makes me happy to see Chris and my brothers have such a friendship.

A picture Chris texted me.

 The girls and I at home.

Fiona likes to hide behind the pillows in our bed.

My parents came over after church on Sunday, and we took the girls to the park.

Playing so nicely

Playing mini-tea party to delay bedtime.


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