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Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Chris and I hosted Thanksgiving this year for members of my side of the family who were able to attend. My parents, Jamie, Varsana and Malia joined us for a seafood feast. I tripled my seafood chowder recipe (clams, shrimp and cod), and Chris put together a beautiful plate of sashimi grade salmon crisps (cracker piled with sricha aoli, radish, cod, avocado and ponzu). Meanwhile, Jamie brought over two shrimp cocktail trays and two pounds of scallops, and my mom made pumpkin and apple pies. We had a wonderful, non-traditional meal.

Salmon Crisps


Pot of chowder (already half gone)

Fiona persuaded Varsana to read several stories to her.

Eloise loves to make a mess

Sad the day is about to end

All the girls


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