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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Eloise - 18 Months

At 18 months, Eloise is a ball of energy. We can't keep her on the ground. She climbs on the beds, the chairs, tables, anything, really, which as you can imagine results in a few bumps. She loves to say "jump" as she flings herself on the bed or into the pool at the YMCA. Chris throws her up in the air like a doll sometimes, and she constantly signs the word "more" while she says it (sounds like "mu, mu") because she never wants to stop. We put a little infant life jacket on her in the pool, and she likes to roam the water. She loves to be read books, with her favorite being  Pete the Cat and Llama, Llama books. Eloise also loves to watch shows, which we try to limit, and her favorite shows are Dora, Daniel Tiger and a Mother Goose nursery rhyme show. She also LOVES puzzles and can spend long stretches at a time putting them together. When she dumps out a puzzle, she gasps and says, "Oh, no!"

Eloise can say quite a few words, such as Mama, Dada, Greta, water, milk, ball, up, jump, yes, no, book, banana, spoon, cheese, as well as quite a few more.  Her string of words/sounds for "thank you" and "there you go" are interchangeable. It sounds something like "dere go." Eloise says the phrase when she's given something or she gives you something.

She sleeps okay, generally through the night, but may wake up a couple times and cry for a couple minutes. Eloise is increasingly affectionate with us and will give tight hugs and put her cheek against yours for a "kiss." Her favorite foods are egg, cheese, yogurt, bananas, chicken, crackers and anything sweet. She really doesn't want to be in her high chair anymore, and will try to put herself in Fiona's booster seat instead.

At her 18 month check-up, Eloise weighed 25 lbs, 9.5 oz (82nd percentile) and was 32 inches (49th percentile) tall.

Hiding under the coffee table while I vacuum

Eating an apple

Still eating everyone else's food


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