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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fiona - 3.5 Years

Fiona is 3.5 years old today. Sometimes I stretch out her arms and legs and say, "Look at these long legs! Look at these arms!" Then I pretend cry and Fiona reassures me that she will always be my baby. Our Fiona remains inherently sweet, loving, mischievous and persistent. The other day while giving her Uncle Jamie a hug, Jamie told her that she brings so much joy to everyone, and it is very true. However, she is a trickster and loves playing tricks and sneaking up on people. The other day, Chris and I brought Eloise into her room as she was waking up from a rare nap. We all sat on Fiona's bed while Eloise put together a puzzle, and Fiona casually reached over and swiped a puzzle piece, hiding it under the covers. Even in her semi-sleeping state, she still was trying to play a joke on Eloise.

Fiona is a great big sister. Although the girls scrap about toys and sharing, Fiona tries to comfort Eloise if she falls, always running to get an ice pack from the freezer. She builds towers and lets Eloise knock them down and tries to distract Eloise during diaper changes. I have such high hopes for them being great friends.

Fiona talks a mile a minute, writes her name, counts probably to a 100, dresses herself, dislikes having her wild hair in ponytails (tolerates braids), loves broccoli, cheese, apples, pasta and crackers, loves swimming, loves playing kitchen and tea party and is now sleeping in her new twin bed. We sold her crib on NextDoor last week, the same day that Chris set up her new twin bed. I love the extra space with her and the ability to reach her stories while we stretch out on her fluffy duvet. We read lots of books, and Fiona is naturally curious. She still demands an oral story before she goes to sleep and greatly prefers a made-up story, such as my "Fiona in the fairy tale" series in which I stitch together parts of various fairytales which Princess Fiona must navigate through. Chris has his own original story line about a girl named Fiona and her younger sister who is always creating a crisis. Fiona sleeps through the night well. She weighs about 33 pounds - not sure about her height.

Some other particulars about my big girl:
  • When Fiona wants water, she asks for "cold, fresh water" which means water needs to come out of the refrigerator dispenser with ice in it. 
  • She loves to wear layers of clothes. When she dresses herself, I might discover she's wearing a pair of shorts underneath her pants.
  • She calls anything with a large bite profile (crocodile, shark, hippo, etc.) a "snapper."
  • My mom watched the girls for a a couple days (one night) recently while Chris and I had concurrent work trips. While Fiona was on quiet time and Eloise was napping, my mom put her feet up in the guest room, and Fiona took the opportunity to get her bathroom stool and pilfer a half bag of marshmallows out of the pantry which she proceeded to devour. Chris relayed this story to me in a rather amused tone.

 Cupcake on her 3 1/2 birthday. 

 Silly with her sister

Snow Angels


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