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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Several months ago, my brother Sean booked tickets to see Riverdance here in Minneapolis, and the show happened to coincide with Easter weekend. Sean flew out with my niece Cora (5 years old) and spent a long weekend with us. Cora and Fiona were ecstatic for a sleepover. Over the long weekend, we saw Jamie before he set off for his own vacation, spent time with my parents on Friday (our house) and Sunday (their house), dyed Easter eggs and just hung out around the house. Sean and Cora drove downtown Minneapolis for Riverdance on Saturday, about the same time that Fiona attended a birthday party so it worked out well.

We opened up the porch the evening Jamie came over. Greta loves her sheepskin rug. 

Waiting for Uncle Sean to get up and not caring about the two hour time difference from California.

Easter eggs. Eloise showed me her blue-dyed hands later in the car.

Easter morning, we ate a leisurely breakfast, the girls tore through their Easter baskets and then we went to church. Fiona was antsy to put on her Easter dress all morning (the adorable dresses were Christmas presents from Bonny, er, I mean Bonny AND Sean). We drove straight from church to my parents' house where my mom and dad had set up a mini-candy hunt in the living room.

My parents have such a large property that my dad tells Fiona that the three bears live in the woods there. She called him on the story and asked to see where they lived.

Sean attempted to read to all three girls. Afterwards, Chris fended off a three-way attack. 

We had lots of fun with Sean and Cora. Fiona and Cora often wandered around the house in their nightgowns, even during the day, and all three girls played decently well together.


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So fun! Love all the pictures!

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