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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Travel Activities for the Kids

While searching the internet for activities to keep the kids occupied on the plane, I found lots of lists and suggestions. Here's my "best of" list for Fiona and Eloise who are 3.5 years and 20 months. I packed separate backpacks for the girls to give them a sense of ownership over toys and food.

Activities both girls liked:
  • Dot Sticker Pages with Dot Stickers: I downloaded Alphabet pages online, printed them and purchased cheap dot/label stickers for the girls to cover the circles on the pages. Both Fiona and Eloise loved this activity. Here's a link to download the alphabet pages: Here's a screen shot of the dot stickers we used.

  • Plastic Container & Pom-Poms: I cut a hole in a plastic container and purchased little pom-pons that the girls could push through the hole. Amazingly, it kept them occupied for long stretches, and they fought over this silly toy. (By the end of the trip, Fiona had decorated the top with the dot stickers).

  • Melissa and Doug Tape Activity Book: The girls needed me to help tear off strips of tape, but we used this book quite a bit. 

  • Lauri Primer Pak: I really liked this set because it is made out of rubber and extremely lightweight. Fiona and Eloise both loved the alphabet puzzle, and Eloise especially loved the circular puzzle cut-outs. I couldn't download a picture so here's a screenshot. I brought a large Ziploc bag and stored the items in the bag during transit. 

  • Stickers: We did lots and lots of stickers. The girls love dress-up dollies. We went through a couple books so I don't have pictures of them all. But here's a link to a favorite besides the pictures below:

  • Coloring Books and Crayons. I bought some special crayons, coloring books and blank notebooks for the girls. Fiona loves coloring and Eloise will scribble for a bit. 

Examples of coloring by Fiona and Eloise

Eloise, being a year younger, also loved these items:
  • Buckle Toy: Every time she gets into a shopping cart or even her booster seat, she plays with the buckles so this toy was a hit even though it was bigger than I expected after ordering online. 

  • Melissa and Doug small puzzle set: The four puzzles each have four pieces, and Eloise loved taking them apart and putting them back together. The puzzles fit into a small wooden carrier with elastic to keep them in place during transit. 

  • Flashcards: ABC animals, numbers and colors.

  • WaterWow!: As both our girls hit about 20 months, they began to really like the water wow books that are paintable with a refillable water brush. The pages dry and the colors disappear. The only mess is/can be water so great for travel.
Fiona liked these:
  • Magnetic Dolls

  • Marker Books (Eloise wanted to get into these, too)

    The girls also played with a few other small items, such as travel-sized Play-Doh, little dolls, a stack of Duplos, etc. They also watched plenty of shows on the plane, favorites being Dora, SuperWhy, Little Einsteins, Daniel Tiger and Creative Galaxy. I downloaded several shows from Amazon Prime (you can download shows that are available on Prime for a set number of days, which is such a nice feature) and purchased a few, as well. 


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