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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ohio Wedding

My extended family attended my cousin Laura's wedding in Ohio this past weekend. Laura is originally from Minnesota and actually grew up on the same farm as my mother (Laura's father, my uncle, took over the farm from my grandparents).

On Friday, Jamie and I flew to Columbus and met Sean who had arrived earlier and already rented a car. We then drove about 1.5 hours to Sidney, Ohio, for a dinner with my mom's family. My mom is one of ten children, and seven of the ten were able to attend the wedding (sadly, Laura's father passed away last year), and seven of the sixteen grandchildren were also able to attend. We had a great time Friday night and Saturday at the wedding.

Pictures from the day


Aunts and Uncles with spouses

Laura with her mother

My mom, her sisters and Laura

Last picture: My brother Jamie stopped and bought scratch-off tickets on the way to our hotel Friday night and took a picture to commemorate.


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That picture of you and your mom is frame-worthy!!!

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