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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Eloise - 2 Years

Our Eloise is 2 year old. This year feels vastly different than last year. The girls play together more and more (with their fair share of spats), and our family outings truly feel interactive. Eloise communicates very well, and her vocabulary has exploded over the last 2 months. Her favorite foods are chicken, strawberries, cheese and black beans. After going through a rough patch about a month ago, Eloise is back to sleeping through the night. She goes to bed about 7:30pm and wakes up about 6:30am.
  • Eloise can count past ten, knows her colors, many of her shapes and can sing most of the ABC song. She sings to the point at which she messes up and then throws her head back and laughs really hard. 
  • She loves puzzles and taking things apart and putting back together. 
  • She loves playing "bear." She will say, "Eloise-y bear get you" and then pretend to bite us. Or she likes to look around frantically, say, "Bear coming!" and hide under the sheets. She calls us Mommy Bear, Daddy Bear and Nona Bear (Fiona) when she's playing the game. 
  • She needs three things at bedtime: her favorite stuffed Bear, a book and her blanket. The bear and blanket are specific, but the book she wants to clutch depends on the night. 
  • She loves reading books. Her favorite books right now is "Doodle Bites" (a crocodile that bites her friends).
  • She switches the consonants in the word "coffee" to "focee." Sound it out in your head and you'll understand why it's humorous, especially when she says "foccee hot." 
  • When I finish reading and singing to Eloise at night, she sometimes isn't ready to go in her crib. So I say to her okay, Eloise, just one more minute rocking you, okay? And she whispers, "Okay, mom." Then we do that several more times. 
  • She can say several words in a row, such as when she covers her face with her hands, peeks out and says, "I see you, Mommy." 
  • Eloise is naturally athletic. She loves jumping and climbing. She can spend 30 minutes straight in the pool jumping up and down and also loves to jump off the side of the pool into the water. We have taken the girls to local wading pools several times this year already. 
  • She loves swinging and tells us non-stop, "Higher, Daddy, higher!" (Both of the girls vastly prefer Chris to swing them since he is willing to swing them higher than me. Fiona almost pouts when I swing her instead of Chris.)
  • Other things Eloise loves to do are play with her Melissa and Doug wooden toys, play kitchen, ride her scooter, run and jump down the street and paint with watercolors with her sister. While Fiona paints rainbows and suns on her paper, Eloise will paint herself. 
We celebrated with Eloise on her actual birthday (the 18th) by spending a low-key day together: walk around Lake Calhoun with a stop at the park, cupcake and presents after nap, wading pool and then dinner out. We purchased a few smaller items for her this year: a couple Whittle World Melissa and Doug toys, bubble machine, book and her favorite, two small baby doll bottles.

We started the celebration a little too early after nap. 

 The girls played with one of Eloise's presents, a bubble machine. Eloise also loves her bubble dip toy. She can't manage the traditional bubble wand, but she has a special wand that she can just dip into a shallow tray of bubble liquid and then blow through. It's perfect for her.

On June 25th, we held Eloise's family birthday party. My parents, Jamie and Tara and Rob, Allison, Lilly, Evan and Isaac were able to attend. The forecast was thunderstorms, but the day stayed hot (90s) and muggy so the kids played outside some of the time. The theme of the party was "snappers" since Eloise loves bears and kind of loves crocodiles. I could find surprisingly few bear-themed party paraphernalia so crocs it was: just a crocodile dress, balloon and little game. Otherwise, we had veggies, cheese, fruit, pizza and cupcakes for dessert.

Kid table with pizza

Candle in the wind

We love our girl. 


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