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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fiona - 4 Years

Our Fiona is four! She is still our cuddly girl who gives out hugs and has a very soft heart. She is 48th percentile for height

  • Fiona loves to color, paint and draw. More than anything else, she loves to sit at the kitchen table with a coloring book and set of crayons.
  • Fiona loves playing pretend. We have a pop-up tent in the basement that we use as a setting to play house, mommy and baby, three little pigs, princess, etc. In the mom-baby scenario, Fiona greatly prefers to be the mom. She calls me "kid" or "baby."
  • Fiona loves mac 'n cheese, tomato soup, apples, cheese,
  • Calls flies "shoo flies" as in, "Mom, there's a shoo fly in the house!"
  • When she says "need," she leaves off the "n" so it's, "Mom, I eed you to help me!"
  • Her school works with the kids on geography, and more than anyplace else, she wants to go to Antarctica.
  • She has a couple hours or Spanish every week at school and often tells me the Spanish vocabulary words she knows. After she tells me the words, she will sometimes make an offhand comment about how I don't know very much Spanish.
  • The other night while I was giving Fiona and Eloise a bath, I told the girls that I needed to go check on something in the kitchen and I would be right back. Fiona said, skeptically, "Really, Mom? For real, you'll be right back?" Who is this little cynic?!
  • She is kind, generous girl. Often if Eloise eats something quickly or drops something on the floor, Fiona will give up her share so Eloise isn't sad. 
  • Fiona can get self-righteously defensive of her sister. She will tell us that we are not allowed to put Eloise on time-out so we have to remind her who is the parent.
  • She is becoming more interested in God and death. Chris and I read her Bible stories, take her to Sunday school and try to answer her questions. But I pray that I am guiding her along the right path and answering her questions the right way.
Four is the start age for kids to be able to go on field trips for Fiona's preschool, and it just so happened that a field trip was scheduled for July 21, Fiona's actual birthday, at a trampoline park. Unfortunately, Fiona came home from the trampoline park sick with a fever of 102. She felt a little bit better after a long nap so we opened presents after dinner and bath. Chris and I stayed home with her the next day, Friday, and took her to the Mall of America to the Crayola Exhibit and and log ride. Then Saturday, we hosted a party for her classmates at Pump It Up, a bounce house party place. It was a bit crazy, but Fiona had a blast.

The following weekend, we held a family birthday party for Fiona and Lilly since Mike, Rhonda and Bobbi were in town. The loose theme for the party was art so I ordered a few things to keep the kids busy: unpainted wooden peg dolls and wooden snakes, as well as small canvases. The kids decorated the items with wood markers and paint, made some messes and had a great time.

Fiona opens present on the 21st: A kid's guitar and recorder

Chris and I took time off on the 22nd and took Fiona to the Mall of the America. But first pigtail braids and nail painting.

On Saturday, the 23rd, we hosted her school party at Pump It Up. Including Fiona and Eloise, kid turnout was about 20. 

Finally, we celebrated Fiona's birthday with family when Mike, Rhonda and Bobbi arrived a week later. Tony also came over to celebrate, and Fiona was ecstatic to open three enormous coloring books and a jumbo turnstile of new crayons. 


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