Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Monday, September 05, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Our little family pretended to be tourists in our home state this weekend. Saturday, we woke up relatively early and drove to the State Fairgrounds where we spent a few hours along with a quarter million other Minnesotans dropping money on kiddie rides, mini-doughnuts, cotton candy and pizza. We watched freshly born calves and pigs nurse from their mothers, shuffled in jagged lines for cream cheese fried pickles and bumped strollers in a smash of people. Chris and I hadn't visited the fair in ten years and probably would not have this year if not for the urging of good friends, Brian and Emily, whom we met at the entrance at 9 am.

Fiona and Victoria on the mini-Ferris wheel


Bear Ride

Fiona and the piglets

Fiona's first cotton candy. She has been asking for cotton candy for months. 

Beer flight during Eloise's nap time in the agriculture building. The other three kids chased each other around a set of sturdy trees and ate popcorn while we relaxed for 30 blessedly calm minutes. 

Sunday, we walked around Lake Calhoun and stopped at our favorite playground where Fiona ran into a friend from school. After nap, we drove to Stillwater via Mahtomedi (where Chris went to high school), walked the strip, purchased some pink and purple rock candy and then shot over to Summit Ave to eat dinner.


Monday, we enjoyed a leisurely morning at home and then drove to downtown Wayzata where the kids explored the beachfront and nautical park.

After nap, we hopped on our bikes, stopped at Dunn Brothers in Linden Hills (best kids' play area + coffee shop), wheeled around Lake Calhoun, jumped rocks at Tin Fish, crashed at the playground again, biked to Bread and Pickle at Lake Harriet where our family was interviewed by KARE 11 for a piece on Jacob Wetterling and then home again. 

I truly enjoyed our long weekend. We spent long hours with the girls outdoors in the best Twin Cities' neighborhoods and got lots of exercise. I'm grateful for our vicinity to the lakes, trails and urban eateries.


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