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Monday, November 28, 2016

Early Fall

Life has been very busy lately with several work trips for Chris and me as well as vacationing in CA over Thanksgiving. Below is a quick summary of early fall highlights.

We love walking along the Minnehaha Creek to its connection with the Mississippi River. Below are a few shots at Minnehaha Falls, along the trail and at the sandstone cliffs. I remember hiking along the creek as a girl and trying to scratch an "E" into the sandstone. Fiona had a minor fiasco with needing to use a bathroom but was cheered up by finding a fuzzy caterpillar that she "rescued" into our car and then found a home for in another grassy area.

Chris has always been a hands-on guy with water.

 An "I'm 2" sign not peace. :)


Fiona has been through two rounds of treatment at the dermatologist for a skin condition. She looked too darn cute in the gown to not take a picture. 


The girls got pony rides at Edina Realty's fall festival: free pumpkins, snack and pony rides. Fiona was enamored with the pony also named "Fiona." 

 Beautiful view from our dining room table

We met friends for a night in Red Wing where we took the kids (plus their 3 year old, Violet) to family fun activities nearby and visited a local winery in the fading light.


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