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Monday, November 28, 2016

Halloween 2016

This year for Halloween, we bought pumpkins and decided to use a stenciling kit with the girls to carve out the ghost and spider they chose. Of course, the girls helped for maybe one minute, and Chris and I subsequently spent the next 20 minutes cursing the flimsy carving tools.

The girls dressed up as a lion and as a Rainbow Princess for Halloween and wore their costumes for school parties and for trick-or-treating. Eloise perfected her roar in this costume.

Doing crafts at her school party where I volunteered.

First fire of the season on Halloween

Chris and I both took the girls trick-or-treating this year. Our neighborhood offers prime trick-or-treating except on our street which dead-ends on the creek and residents have resigned themselves to getting a half dozen kids tops. We left out a bowl of candy which a teenager surely dumped into his pillowcase, but I was happy to see the festivities with the girls this year versus handing out candy.



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