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Monday, December 19, 2016

Eloise - 2.5 Years

Eloise at two-and-half years is a whirlwind of activity. As can be expected from a baby who walked so young, she needs to be in constant motion. She has progressed from jumping off one step to two now and loves to hurl herself off anything high towards Chris or me, whether or not we are expecting it.
  • Eloise speaks in full, long sentences. 
  • Eloise will often say, "Mom" or "Dad" and after we respond, she will say, "I love you" or "I really love you." 
  • Eloise has just recently started saying to Chris or me after we give her something, "Thanks, Mom. You're the best mom in the whole world!" Very heartwarming. Sometime she will also say to us, "You are my best friend in the whole world. I love you." Then she gets whatever she wants. 
  • She is wearing 2T clothes and some 3T clothes. 
  • Eloise loves wearing her hair in pigtails and hates ponytails. She will rip out her hair bands if you put her hair in a ponytail. 
  • She generally sleeps through the night but will wake up now and then to ask to be covered back up with her blanket (she doesn't like wearing the new sleep sack I got her). 
  • She loves to respond with an emphatic "Never!" For example, "Eloise, can I have a kiss?" "Never!" (Then she gives us a kiss.)
  • We are starting to work on potty training with Eloise. She is not overly interested. When we ask her to go on the potty, she sometimes points to her bottom/diaper and says, "This is my potty."
  • We sometimes have to remind Eloise not to bite because she thinks she's doing it in jest, but will actually bite. Sometimes she licks us instead. 
  • Eloise knows her ABCs, counts past 10 and knows her colors and shapes.
  • Eloise loves, loves books and to be read to. Her favorite books are some Bible story books and Bear Hunt (her favorite book for 6 months now). 
  • Eloise loves to sing, especially Wheels on the Bus and some other songs from school. 
  • When I ask Eloise to come to me for something or other, she often shouts "Backwards!" and then walks backwards to me. 
  • Eloise still loves bears and things that will bit you such as crocodiles or sharks. She loves to roar! at you or snap her hands at you. 
  • Eloise and Fiona generally get along well. They like to play kitchen, birthday party, tea set, do puzzles together or hide and seek. 
  • Eloise and Fiona get into spats often when Eloise interrupts Fiona to tell her, "Stop! I talking to Mom. Shhh." Or Fiona will ask Eloise to please speak more quietly, and Eloise will make a yelling noise before Fiona can even finish the request. It's rude but pretty funny from a parents' perspective. I try to let the girls work out as much as they can themselves rather than intervening, although Eloise likes to get a reaction from her sister. However, Fiona makes a very specific face before she starts pounding on her sister so we do step in often. 
  • Eloise also likes to boss us around. She tends to shout, crunch her nose and lean towards us to tell us to take off our jackets or shoes. Example: "No, Dad! You don't take Eloise's food." 
  • Eloise loves busy work activities such as stickers, puzzles, building towers, Water Wow books, stacking and matching work, Look and Find books and anything active. She took her first soccer class at school and loved it. She calls herself a soccer rocker. 
  • Eloise loves swimming. She refuses to wear a life jacket or floating device in the pool anymore so we have to watch her carefully in the kid pool at the YMCA. She likes to wrap a pool noodle around herself and try to swim from A to B. 
  • She likes watching shows, which we try to limit to one a day (when not traveling). Her favorite shows are Dora, Octonauts and Bubble Guppies. She also loves Frozen but can't make it through the whole movie. So she has seen the first 30 minutes quite a few times. 
  • She is still a carnivore and prefers meat to carbs in general. She loves apples, raspberries, cheese, beans, mac n cheese (of course), pizza and yogurt, among many other things. 
Eloise's stink face

Soccer class inside due to rain

A too quiet moment = Fun with Mom's make-up

We did obstacles courses one afternoon while Chris was away. 

We celebrated Eloise's 2.5 birthday with a cupcake and small gift. I know... a little crazy to celebrate half birthdays, but these Minnesota winter evenings get long.

Chris' Birthday