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Friday, January 06, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas was busy, as always, this year. Amazon boxes filled our house in early December, as I tried to get a jump on presents, but I still got overwhelmed at times with the checklist: tree and decorations, cards, cookies, presents, UPS shipments, etc. I was grateful for some of the small moments this year: reading to the girls about the birth of Jesus, pulling cards from envelopes addressed by friends and family, singing Christmas carols at church in December, watching Greta porpoise through the first deep snow, tearing down sledding hills with the girls, feeling the crunch beneath my feet of snow and ice, and hearing the girls squeal at Christmas lights sparkling through the dark of early evening drives. Chris attended Eloise's Christmas concert at school when I couldn't make it back from Boston, and Fiona's concert was postponed until January due to weather. But as a family, we enjoyed celebrations with Rob and Allison and family, my dad's family and just the four of us Christmas morning and later with my parents and brother Jamie.

Digging out from the first big snow

Christmas Cookies

Christmas with the Taffe cousins

On Christmas Eve, we planned to take the girls ice skating at Centenniel Lakes. We arrived late morning in full snow gear to ice that was in poor condition so we ended up spending an hour at Chuckie Cheese, which was right next door. It was actually not a bad experience to take the girls since the venue was empty.

Later on Christmas Eve, we attended the 4:00 services at our church and then spontaneously went out to dinner with another two couples and their kids from our small group afterwards.

Christmas morning calm before the storm

Fiona loaded up Greta's stocking

Trying on their huge mermaid tail blankets

Fiona and Eloise both received mermaid dolls they can take into the bath tub and splash pads in the summer. Fiona would have preferred the blonde-haired doll so she grabbed a tag off of another present to Eloise, stuck it on the brown-haired doll and told us innocently that it must have been a mistake that she got the brown-haired doll. 😂

We drove to Hugo to spend the rest of the day with my parents and Jamie and the girls. My mom made a wonderful pot roast.

I read something along the lines of that you never imagine Christmas could be as fun as when you were a child opening presents until you have your own children and watch them open presents. And I agree that Christmas becomes magical again when you have small children.


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