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Saturday, March 25, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

Sean flew into town with Cora and Jack the Thursday before St. Patrick's Day, which fell on a Friday this year, and stayed with us for a few nights. We were all excited in anticipation of the visit, and I kept the kids home on Friday so they could recover from a late Thursday night wild-staying-up-with-the-cousins and attend the St. Patrick's Day parade with us on Friday. We had a ton of fun although we missed Bonny and Finn, and Sean, Chris and I all remarked on how well the kids played together (mostly).

A chilly parade on Friday

Allison and Rob marched in the parade with the Taffe clan, and the kids were enamored by Rob's hair.

Pictures from the weekend

Lots of Lego attempts for these two

Out for the night with the guys while Varsana babysat

Sunday, my parents set up an early Easter egg hunt

Lucky Malia with her new car


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