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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Winter 2017

Here's some pictures of things we've been doing this mild winter, although we were dealt some snowy days as evidenced from a picture I took flying into MN.

We celebrated my dad's birthday.

We spent time with friends: Sarah came over for dinner and introduced the girls to the wonder of Snapchat. And Tony endured a trip to the Mall of America's Underwater World with us.  

Speaking of water, Fiona passed her first small swim test at the YMCA pool and received a wrist band that let her stray farther away from Chris and me while in the water.

I volunteered at Fiona's Valentine's Day party...

(one of Fiona's home-made Valentines)

...and we made the best of the unseasonably warm days in March and February with playtime at the park, a walk around Lake Calhoun and a patio dinner in Linden Hills.

We made sure our make-up was on-point in order to go to...


(this is how Eloise likes to admire works of art)...

...and a spontaeous flamenco show on a Sunday evening. 

But regardless of whether or not there are creative events to attend, dressing up and being silly is always appropriate, in whatever form it takes.

I couldn't help but photograph my sleeping girls. Eloise requires her dinosaurs, rainbow bear and piggy, and both girls look for any opportunity when Chris travels to crash in bed with me.

 Fiona is still my smiley girl...

...and Eloise likes to sneak away to try to start fires (here, caught trying to start a post-it on fire with a lighter)...

(why she thinks fire trucks are called fire trucks)

 and the girls still solidly love playing pretend whether it's building a fort or sifting through jewel jars. 

Winter has been easy on us this year in terms of frigid weather and snow, but we are still looking forward to warmer days.


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