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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rome for Easter

Chris braved an international flight with the girls by himself to meet me in Rome the Saturday before Easter. He took a late afternoon flight Friday connecting through JFK arrived in Rome with the girls a little before noon. I took a shuttle and met them at the airport to help with transporting luggage, car seats and double stroller.

Below is a picture Chris snapped while the girls slept side-by-side on the overnight flight. As you can imagine, Chris didn't sleep very well.

The hotel where we stayed booked us in the wrong room and then made a series of mistakes, like not cleaning our room the first day. As a result, we were upgraded on the second night to a mini-suite, which was a huge blessing.

As soon as the girls arrived, we grabbed some pizza at the first place Eloise ever tried pizza (see the end of the hyperlinked post).  

We then walked and explored for a couple hours in the Trastevere area. The girls stretched their legs but got lots of shoulder rides from Chris

We chanced upon a playground during our exploration, which set the expectation for the girls of playgrounds every day.

Chris = jetlag

Castel sant'angelo (not too far from our hotel)

Chris and the girls crashed early Saturday evening due to the time change and jet lag. 

Easter morning the girls woke up in good spirits. I gave them the chocolate bunnies I purchased in Brussels and let them gnaw the ears off. Then we got ready and walked to St. Peter's Square at the Vatican in time for the noon benediction by the pope. Security was intensely tight with series of barricades and swarms of policy and security personnel. Nonetheless, Chris and I, while not Catholic, appreciated the sense of reverence in the square, and we thought about how Peter was crucified somewhere near the area where we stood listening to the pope's voice carry from far-away balcony and into the crowds. The girls becomes antsy quickly so we broke away soon and walked back to the hotel. 

Mandatory stop at the Pantheon. Chris took them inside two day later.

Gelato every day

Sunday afternoon, we ventured near the Colesseum. We lucked out with beautiful weather, and the girls ran through the pedestrian-only streets and past various ruins.

 We ate a lot of pasta. Eloise loved the cacio di pepe, pasta with a buttery pepper sauce.

On Monday, which was a bank holiday in Rome, we walked to Mamartine prison, where Peter and Paul were supposedly imprisoned. The prison was converted to a church at some point, but the prison cell was kept for historical purposes.

Exterior of the prison

As lore has it, where Peter's head was smashed into the wall.

The girls peer into the cell where Paul was held.

Inside the cell/hole itself

More pictures of ruins

Trevi fountain was horribly packed. 

I worked Tuesday and Wednesday in Italy (one day in Rome, one day in Verona) so Chris had the girls to himself. I'll end this post with a picture of each of the girls. In the first, Eloise is "talking" on the hotel phone. She thinks all phones like these are toy phones since she's never seen a working one. And lastly, Fiona is trying on expensive, Italian shoes with careless disregard.


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