Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Birthday Weekend in Duluth

I turned 35 this year, and to celebrate Chris booked two nights in Duluth so we could get away as a family. We drove up midday Friday, missed the Memorial Day weekend traffic and punctuated the two hour drive with a stop for Skittles. Our hotel was across the canal bridge so we had the opportunity to watch the bridge lift and fall to allow boat access. Overall, the weather in Duluth was the best I've experienced with Saturday temperatures in the 70s and full sunshine to sparkle the water.

Canal Bridge

Sweet Fiona

 Pictures at the city shore as a rainbow spread across the sky.

Our little photographer, Eloise, gets trigger happy with the phone, and we generally have to wrench it out of her hands, or I end up with 100 pictures. Here's a funny progression of my trying to get my phone back and then of our little stinker.

 Climbing and jumping


View from our hotel deck and the pool and hot tub which required serious coercion to force the girls to exit.

Saturday, we drove to Gooseberry Falls, walked along the water, skipped rocks, let the girls loose on the grassy trails (they took turns "leading the way"), marveled at the slowly unfurling ferns and squished toes with utter delight in muddy puddles. The girls will tell you that their favorite part of the trip was tromping in the mud.


On the drive back from Gooseberry Falls to Duluth, Chris stopped at a roadside stand to buy a pound of sugar-cured smoked lake trout and a pound of sugar-cured smoked salmon. Then after lunch, I stopped at a rock shop and picked up a few Lake Superior agates. The girls claimed their favorites, and Eloise hid hers from the bears in a bag of Cheerios.

Saturday evening, we played lawn games with the girls near the hotel and watched the sun set over the harbor.

We drove home Sunday afternoon and were very happy to have Memorial Day in Minneapolis off work and on the beach at Lake Harriet.


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